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​BS EN ISO 45001 H&S Management System

Implementing a Management System based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 45001will help your organisation demonstrate your commitment to Occupational Health & safety. The standard is a recognised specification for implementation of an effective H&S system to enable your organisation to manage risk and help aid compliance with all applicable legislation, as well as helping you to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and visitors alike.

What are the benefits

  • Cost Savings - Through reducing or eliminating costs associated with work-related injuries or illness
  • Improved Corporate Image​ - By demonstrating the organisations commitment to addressing H&S issues to employees, customers and other interested parties
  • Enables Measurement of H&S Performance​ - By establishing a framework for controlling and measuring H&S Performance data
  • Legal Obligations​ - Helps you to identify and meet legislation obligations
  • Other Award Schemes​ - Beneficial when seeking registration to CHAS and Safe Contractor by means of lees paperwork to submit and smaller fees.

​Can Certification Help?

​Certification to BS EN ISO 45001 demonstrates, internally & externally, a commitment to maintain or improve the way in which you manage H&S within your organisation. Setting targets through an organisational policy statement, together with on-going measurement against it, supports a process of continual improvement, enabled by the standards 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' framework.

In addition, lost time due to incidents and ill health can be reduced along with reputational damage resulting from a poor H&S track record. Holding certification also provides new opportunities to win business where certification is a condition of supply.