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​BS EN ISO 9001 AND 14001 2015 UPDATES

Most of you will be aware that the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards were updated in September 2015.If you are certificated to these standards you have until September 2018 to update to the new version.

Both standards have new sections added and have been aligned so that all sections correspond in each standard.

There have been some subtle changes which include important small print passages which can easily be missed. The important changes include:

  • The requirement for a Management Representative has been removed with the emphasis been placed upon Top Management.

  • Future audits will include an interview with the most senior person on site.

  • Companies have to identify "Interested Parties" and document their requirements.

  • Preventive Action has been removed and replaced with Risk Management

  • More emphasis on recording of Continual Professional Development for ALL staff. 

P&T Associates can help you move to the new standards as painless as possible with the minimum of fuss.